At Tibitó, we are interested in supporting and promoting young Colombian artists. Therefore, we collaborate with upcoming artists who design special packaging for some of our bars. Here you can learn their story:

Lisa Anzellini

Packaging illustration Cape gooseberry and rosemary

Lisa Anzellini is a Colombian artist and art historian. Upon finishing her studies at Universidad de los Andes in Bogotá, she specialized in botanical illustration at the Chelsea School of Botanical Art in London. Her plastic and investigative work delve into the possibilities of representing the natural world and exploring the relationship between art and science. Lisa works analogously, mainly in watercolor and graphite. Seeking to contribute to the conservation of nature with her art, she has focused on representing Colombian biodiversity.

Recently, she has devoted herself to the illustration of new species found in post- conflict territories. Anzellini's work pivots between art and science, evident in the diversity of spaces in which she has exhibited her work, among which are the Alexander von Humboldt Institute, FIMA, Galería el Museo and Galería la Cometa, among others.

Ernesto Soto Madriñán

Packaging illustration Leche de Coco

Ernesto Soto Madriñán (Bogotá, 1990) is a painter graduated from Universidad De Los Andes with a Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts and Art History. His Fine Arts final project, a painting named "Celaje," was awarded a Laureate Thesis and was later chosen as part of Mariángela Mendez's selection of works for 2015 Artecámara pavilion in the yearly Bogotá art fair (ARTBO). In his practice, Ernesto reacts towards the landscape, as a significant genre in the painting tradition, and its route towards abstraction, as well as towards a formal notion of space. He has shown his work in diverse galleries in Bogotá since 2014 and has showcased his work individually on three occasions: 12:00 Galería, Bogotá (2017), SN Macarena, Bogotá (2018), and Maison, Bogotá (2020).

Silvana Perdomo

Packaging illustration Bonflit

Silvana Perdomo is an illustrator and graphic designer from Bogotá, Colombia. She is part of the SOLA design collective, which explores creative processes through art direction, using graphic design as a medium in projects with cultural, social and artistic approaches. Her work as an illustrator began as a personal project that has now led her to collaborate and to create with brands, artists, and designers. She uses her drawings as a platform to explore analog, digital, and frame-by-frame animation techniques, creating characters and worlds that, with some humor, talk about the issues that matter most to her.

Cristina Umaña Durán

Packaging illustration Experiencia de Café

Cristina Umaña Durán (Bogotá, Colombia, 1993) began her studies in Art History and Fine Arts in 2012 at Universidad de los Andes in Bogotá and transferred to the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2015, where she graduated in 2017 with a Bachelor in Fine Arts. She works with textiles, drawing, and installation. Cristina collects images and uses fabrics to print, dye, sew, and create installations. These materials describe situations, bodies, and objects surrounding her time and space experience. She seeks to reflect on humor, grief, and everyday life: everyday objects, routines, daily smells, silhouettes, and invented names. At the same time, she works with collections, which are essentially insignificant and are the best resource for memory. The creation of images and sculptural processes in the studio allowed her to transform nature of the obvious into a reappropriation of everyday objects.

Alberto Renato Miani

Packaging illustration Caramelo

Alberto Renato Miani graduated from the Universidad de los Andes, Colombia, as a designer with an emphasis on communication in 2015 and later, with a Master's in Fine Arts in 2016. His training as a designer and artist has allowed him to develop a hybrid language, achieving synthetic forms of representation without neglecting a certain clumsiness. This gives his work a value close to the tradition of "faux naïf." Parallel to his plastic production, Miani develops publications, editorial and curatorial projects.

María Roda

Packaging illustrationNaranja y Limón-Mandarino

Artist, illustrator, curator, and writer graduated from the Universidad de Los Andes, María is interested in color management in developing graphic and archival work. In 2018, she received a meritorious thesis mention for the project Speak slowly, speak hard, where she did visual experimentation through video, painting, and screen printing. María has participated in group exhibitions such as La nuit des insectes (2017) at Espace 29 in Bordeaux, France, and Tres y la condición humana (2017) at the Mono Bandido in Bogotá. Currently, she is part of the curatorial group Colectivo La Ñapa, and in Agapanto, an editorial project focused on illustration, with which she has participated in publishing fairs such as the Barullo Fair (2019) and the Hot Paper Fair (2020).