The central Colombian region of Meta is known for its beautiful landscapes and extraordinary sunrises and sunsets. Located east of the Colombian Andes, Meta is characterised by its vast grassland plains, "Los Llanos", which extend between the isolated mountain range of Serranía de La Macarena in the south-west and the Eastern Ranges of the Andes to the west. This land of rapid-flowing rivers and dramatic waterfalls, "llanera" music and hard-working cowboys ("llaneros"), is where we source the best cocoa beans for this chocolate bar.

Flavour Profile: Fruity, with red fruit notes such as cherry, strawberry and red wine.
Acidity: Medium-high
Body: Silky


Lush, fertile equatorial rainforests are the backdrop for a journey down the Putumayo River, Colombia's main tributary of the Amazon. Legend has it that this river basin is where the cocoa tree first originated, making it a very special place for lovers of fine chocolate. Located in south west Colombia, on the borders with Ecuador and Peru, the warm, tropical Putumayo region enjoys a heavy rainfall throughout the year.

Flavour Profile: Brown sugar and red fruit notes ending with a subtle woody flavor.
Acidity: Medium to medium-high
Body: Buttery


Bathed by the waters of Tumaco Bay on the Pacific Ocean, Tumaco, also known as "The Pearl of the Pacific", is a municipality of the Nariño department in the south-western part of Colombia, located on the border with Ecuador. Traversed by several rivers, Tumaco enjoys a hot and humid climate with heavy rainfall throughout the year, allowing tropical rainforests and mangroves to flourish. Join us in exploring these stunning coastal landscapes to discover the unique flavours of our Tumaco cocoa beans.

Flavour Profile: Sweet ripe bananas, sugar cane and hazelnuts. Sweet final notes of honey and almond.
Acidity: Medium with citric profile
Body: Creamy


Home to the majestic "Sierra Nevada del Cocuy", the Arauca region is a sanctuary of flora and fauna characterised by its great plains. In the west, the magnificent Eastern Ranges of the Colombian Andes rise abruptly from the wide open grasslands, giving birth to the region's diverse ecosystem. Here, the alluvial plains and fertile foothills of the Andes merge into mountainous landscapes crossed by the Arauca, Meta and Casanare rivers. To the beat of "joropo" music, in the land of cowboys and verdant savannahs, we carefully source the best cocoa beans for this chocolate bar.

Flavour Profile: Sweet candy profile with milk caramel and hazelnut notes. Sweet and delicate ending flavor combined with notes of milk, cream and nuts.
Acidity: Low
Body: Creamy


Chocó is the only region in the country that shares coastlines with both the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. This region is characterised by extremely high precipitation and extraordinary biodiversity. This land of pristine beaches, unique ecosystems, dense jungles, and unexploited natural resources, is where we source the best cocoa beans for this chocolate bar.

Flavour Profile: Caramel, combined with hazelnut, sugar cane and sweet ripe bananas. Final notes of cloves and cinnamon.
Acidity: Medium-low
Body: Silky