Direct trade

At Tibitó we source the cacao beans directly from the cacao farmers or cooperatives.

Our aim is to increase the income and profit of the farmers by eliminating the intermediaries involved in the supply chain.

In addition, we pay higher prices than the “Fair Trade” market price to the growers. This allows us to select the best cacao beans for our bars and most importantly to contribute to the quality of life of the Colombian rural areas. Social conscience is an essential part of the Tibitó culture and we believe is the best way to contribute to the development and recovery of the isolated rural areas of the country. Most of which have been strongly affected for decades by Colombia’s internal conflict.

High quality as a priority

Each of our chocolate bars is a reflection of the high quality of our ingredients and our production process. We only use the best rawmaterials of Colombian origin, all Tibitó bars are made exclusivelywith fine flavor cocoa beans and cocoa butter.

Fine flavor cocoa is unique in the world, thanks to its extraordinary and refined aromatic flavor. It accounts for around 5% of the world´s cacao production, making it an exceptional and differential raw material in our work.
In addition, in Tibitó we are known for our single origin chocolate production whereby we seek to discover and highlight the characteristic cocoa flavors of the different regions of the country.
Our commitment to produce the finest chocolate bars goes further than simply using the best cocoa beans from each region. Once the beans arrive at our plant in Bogotá, we make a careful selection of the best fermented beans and finish the production process with our top of the line machinery. In the end, our main purpose is that the consumers can enjoy a Premium chocolate bar that reflects the high quality of Colombia’s best ingredients.

[1] Fine and Flavour Cocoa Forum at WCC3-Frank homman

100% Colombian

We are very proud to have a product that is 100% Colombian. The origin of our raw materials, the entire production process and even the design and printing of our packaging are of Colombian origin.

At Tibitó we produce limited amounts of chocolate bars with fine flavor cocoa beans from five different regions of Colombia. The production process from the selection of the beans, to the packaging of the bars, takes place at our factory in Bogotá. Being a Colombian product from beginning to the end is our most valuable differentiator in the global market. Less than half of the locally produced cacao is processed into chocolate in its country of origin, this makes our chocolate an even more special product.

[1] Source: ICCO Quarterly Bulletin of Cocoa Statistics, Vol. XLV, No. 1, Cocoa year 2018/19



2019 International Chocolate Awards Americas, Silver, Best Dark Chocolate (micro-batch)- Arauca 70%

2019 International Chocolate Awards Americas, Gold, Best Dark Chocolate Colombia (micro-batch)- Arauca 70%

2019 International Chocolate Awards Americas, Gold, Best Dark Chocolate (Growing Country)- Arauca 70%

2019 International Chocolate Awards-World, Silver, Best Dark Chocolate (micro-batch)- Arauca 70%


Itqi 2 estrellas png

2018 Northwest Chocolate Festival, Bronze, Best Dark Chocolate- Meta 70%

2018 Superior Taste Award, Two Golden Stars – Arauca 50%

2018 Superior Taste Award, Two Golden Stars – Putumayo 100%



2017 Superior Taste Award, Three Golden Stars – Putumayo 70% (First in Latin America!)

2017 Superior Taste Award, One Golden Star – Meta 80%



2016 National Craft Chocolate Awards, Winner

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